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Check The 7 Facts of Tile Roof That Every Homeowners Should Know

The tile roof remains one of the leading choices of many homeowners because of the following reasons: durability, protection, and energy cost savings.

Features and Benefits Chart

Designed for Long Term Performance

Tiles have been used for more than a century now. That longevity has enabled its evolution making it useful in any kind of climate.

Minda Tile Roofing in Gensan

Available in a Variety of Colors and Style

The versatility of roof tiles allows it to be manufactured in a lot of sizes, colors, and shapes. Manufacturers were able to produce roof tiles which suit whoever era of architectural styles. With Gensan City roof tiles, the possibilities remain endless and limitless.

Maintain their Color

Tile colors come from natural sources. Which is why among other roofing materials, their colors last the longest. Some manufacturers give a guarantee that their tiles can withstand fifty years without fading.

Long Lasting Protection

The weight of the tiles is important in providing protection. Some houses are built to support the weight of the tiles while others are not. However, there are lightweight varieties which are as durable and as easy to maintain. Also, single tiles have proven to be easier for repair compared to other materials used in roofing.

Can Sustain High Winds

Provided that it has been properly installed, concrete and clay tiles have proven to withstand 150 miles per hour of strong wind. Which is one of the reasons why it is preferred by the houses in the area frequently visited y typhoons.


Concrete and clay tiles have always proven to outlast any other materials. The long lifespan of the roof tiles has made the homeowner save from any roofing expense. Roof tiles have proven to last for fifty to one hundred years.

Require Limited Maintenance

With normal conditions, the roof tiles require very minimal maintenance. Common maintenance is venting, protrusion flashing, and gutters cleaning. For places where the climate can be intense, the roof tiles need checking especially when heavy objects landed on the roof.