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Tile Roofing Advantages and Disadvantages That You Should Know

Tile roofs have been protecting numerous houses for a very long time now. They remain one of the top choices for roofing system because of their classy and beautiful feel. Since they have been here long, many manufacturers were able to create varieties of designs which you can easily pair with the look of your house.

Advantages Tile Roofs:

  • Classy style: the distinction that tile roofs give among others is its aesthetics. This masterpiece is also available in so many classy colors a homeowner can choose from.
  • Endurance: the life expectancy of a roof tile is 50 years. However, many roof tiles have proven that they can withstand for more than 50.
  • Protection: one of the factors which aids to the longevity of tile roofs is that they are known to be protected from insect boring and rotting.
  • Safety provider: since roof tiles are made of fire-resistant materials, they are known for fire prevention and they stop the fire from spreading to neighborhood.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofs:

  • Delicate: it is not advisable for a homeowner to walk on tile roofs. While they are long-lasting only professionals should be able to carry out their repairs as they are trained how to handle the tiles and also to walk on them properly.
  • Heavy: it is not a secret that tiles are heavy. Therefore, they need to have a proper support in order to carry their weight. Also, tile roof are known to trap excessive heat during summer thus your ventilation need to be properly installed.
  • Maintenance: the longevity of tile roof is without question. Nevertheless, every 20 years, the materials where they sit on need to be replaced so that they don’t cave in.

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