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Finest Quality Corrugated Roof in Socksargen Areas

Featured Roofing Material

Corrugated Roofing

Quality Corrugated Roof products for your homes. Certified expert installation with 2-3 days delivery or pick-up with in Socksargen.

Corrugated Roofing refers to the roofing sheets which are installed across roof purlins. The rigidity brought by the corrugation stops the sheet from sagging. Actually, a lot of other materials may be corrugated and made them work as roofing sheets.

Some of the roofing sheets which are corrugated to suit the purpose include: galvanized steel roofing, hoarding sheet, PVC roofing sheets, glass reinforced plastic, fiberglass sheet, cladding sheets, plastic coated steel roofing, Onduvilla tiles, and Onduline bitumen sheets.

Nowadays, roll forming is used to corrugate materials. This automated process has modernized corrugation of roofing materials while increasing productivity and lowering costs. The corrugation process involves feeding the sheets into rolling dies to form the corrugated surface; then, the sheets are cut in the desired length. The traditional shape of corrugated sheets is round wavy styles but various dies have been developed. Trapezoidal sheet metals are commonly used in industrial buildings.

Various materials are subjected into corrugation process. Alloys are the most common example followed by the stainless steel. Aluminum and copper are also common choices. The most available and cost-efficient are the regular ferrous alloys. Various sizes of these materials are also produced.

Fiberglass and plastics are also given the corrugated texture. These products are used with metal sheets primarily for lights to pass through.

Product Features


  • Thickness: Gauge 26 and 31
  • Length: 8′ 10′ and 12′
  • Materials: Galvanized Iron(GI)