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Gutter Cleaning Information for Homeowners - MindaRoof

Cleaning the gutters of the home is oftentimes neglected by a lot of homeowners. Eavestrough cleaning should be done twice a year. Clogged gutters will make the water overflow to the foundation of the house or towards landscaping. The weight of the objects clogging the gutters can make it loose which can lead to rotting.

Clogged gutters will make it difficult during rainy seasons and stormy weather. They will form in the roof slope adding weight to the roof. The heat from the house will melt the stuck ice and leaks into the structure. When your house is surrounded by trees, it is recommended to clean the gutters more often.

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There may be numerous ways to clean the gutters. However, the common practice of using a hose, disposal bags, gloves, garden trowel, scoop, and ladder never gets old. A regular schedule of cleaning the house would be twice a year preferably around May and October. Cleaning the gutter need to be performed by a capable person as it can be dangerous.

To ensure that safety is also practice, wear gloves when cleaning roofs clogs on the gutter and make sure that the ladder is secure especially when you are climbing it. Also, use a ladder stabilizer to prevent the ladder from making dents or any damages to the siding or gutters.

When cleaning, start at the downspout using a hose and trowel until it is completely clear of debris. A plugged downspout will require you to disassemble then clean it. Scooping and disposing the debris before cleaning the trough is important. During the clean-up of the trough, you can check if there are any leaks in any part of the gutter or the roof.