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Basic and Important Tips on How To Handle A Roofing Disaster

Nobody wants their homes damaged by the weather. As a homeowner you should be mindful on how to handle a roofing disaster, however, you can never predict these things. Severe rainstorms, snow storms, hail storm, and windstorms can cause damages especially to your roof. As a responsible homeowner, you need to be able to have an ample understanding on the steps to take care of your roof if  you face these scenarios.

  1. Accessing the Damage to Your Roof

After experiencing terrible weather, you need to have a checklist on how to assess any damages the weather may have had in any of your property.  Assessment of the damages in your home needs the involvement of your insurance company and contractor in order to determine how much it will cost you to fix those damages. The assessment is always better done during daylight.

Using binoculars in identifying the damages in any part of your roof will allow you to have a proper estimation of the damages. The homeowner needs to be very specific in assessing the damages like the area in square foot and if there is any missing or loose shingles.

Also, note the materials which have become visibly exposed. Specifically note the color, type and other specifications of the materials.

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  1. Making Temporary Fixes to Minimize Property Damage.

If the roof is strongly damaged then the appliances and other property in the house may suffer water damages too. Placing buckets, garbage cans, or other containers directly under the leak help catch the water and prevent them from reaching other valuables. Waterproofing serious damages should be a priority; then smaller repairs which can be done easily also need to be worked at.

  1. Contacting Your Insurance Company

Evaluating the damages is established to be a necessary step because through it you will be able to know whether the damage is covered by your insurance. During a natural disaster, contractors may be super busy thus it is best to use the insurance you have for your house.

  1. Contact a Reliable Contractor to Repair the Roof, if Necessary

If you are to hire a roofing contractor in South Cotabato, always contact the contractor who you know have been doing a good job in your area. Avoid hiring traveling contractors who sprout where the storm is as they may deliver not at par services.