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Best Quality Rib Type Roof for Socksargen Home Owners

Featured Roofing Material


Quality Rib type roof products for your homes. Certified expert installation with 2-3 days delivery or pick-up with in Socksargen.

The metal roofing system of RIB-ROOF prides itself for its safety and higher functionality. RIB-ROOF Evolution generates its ideas based on experience and develops its designs with respect to time, cost, and functionality. A visually and functionally satisfying design is grounded by these principles.

Zambelli’s time-efficient and simple technique of installation is adapted by RIB-ROOF Evolution. By focusing on stable sheet connection and sliding ability, the longevity and the safety of the roof cover is always guaranteed. One of the goals of RIB-ROOF is to show that a good-looking product by a sophisticated technique needs not to be complicated.

Minda-Rib is designed particularly for agricultural buildings to withstand rain, snow, wind, and hail. This has allowed Minda-Rib to be well-adjusted as metal roofing having modern accents and prominent sliding.

This roofing can be residential roofing when finished with a sleek-looking trim. Horizontal installation of the panel as a wainscot gives it a modern industrial accent. Minda-Rib takes pride of its panels as they are very sure to protect you and your family from the elements of nature.

The selection of your roofing in Gensan should always start with calling multiple suppliers about roofing supplies. Phone inquiry may be the best primary step in finding out everything you possible can regarding suppliers and their products in your surrounding area.

If you are talking to the right roofing supplier or manufacturer, you will be able to gather relevant information that you really need. Also, always ask about customizable options that will help you save money, time, and resources. Most of the times, these options are not mentioned unless you specifically ask for them.

Product Features

  • Base Material: Hot Dipped PPGI
  • Zinc Coating: 45g/m2 (Zinc)
  • Paint Coating: Normal Polyester Coating
  • Normal Width: 1135mm
  • Effective Width: 1060mm
  • Normal Thickness: 0.30 – 0.50mm
  • Length: Transportable length up to 20 Meters

(Onsite Roll-forming for longer panels, subject to terms and conditions)