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Learn The Most Common Roof Maintenance Myths You Should Not Follow

The maintenance of the roofing system is a venture which not only benefits even the low-slope roofer but also the manager or owner of the building. One of the challenges however that prevents many from seeing the benefits associated with roofing system maintenance are the proliferation of myths regarding roofing system. Let’s clear these myths up. Take a look at this common roof maintenance myths that you might be doing.

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Myth: There is No Need to Maintain Modern Roofs.

Technology and recent roofing materials have made roofs efficient, durable, and easier to install. However, despite these efforts to make the roof long-lasting, nobody yet has made a 20-year maintenance free roofing system.

Proactive measures to roof maintenance has proven to make the roof last as long as 21 years compared to reactive maintenance plans in many roofing system. As it is a known fact that the roofing system adds to the value of the house, it is imperative to always be proactive in maintaining them. This roof maintenance myths should be avoided at any cost.


Myth: Materials Warranties Cover the Issues of Your Roof.

The defects on the manufacturer’s materials are just one percent in the roofing system failure. Among the top reasons of the failures of roofing system which are not included in the materials warranties are poor installation, poor weather conditions, and maintenance issues. Also, the neglecting the maintenance of the roofing system is never covered in any warranties – extended or not.

Regular inspections of the roofing system mean more opportunities for roofing contractors. The inspections may gain them more referrals and such aside from determining minor area for repairs or reroofs for some.

The routine inspections are also beneficial to the home or building owners. It will mean earlier detection of potential problems which may cost them less compared to any major problem it may grow in the future. Also, if the problem has the potential to affect the foundation and the walls of the home or building, it will be cost-saving to determine and address the problem as early as possible.

Myth: Maintenance is Optional.

A roofing maintenance will mean additional entry to the budget that some may find it unnecessary. However, it aligns with the notion that who thought that skipping maintenance will mean bigger savings? The maintenance works done in the roof need to be kept tract and they should be on regular basis. Skipping maintenance works may mean voiding of the roofing warranty and worse compromising the integrity of the roofing system.

Building owners are very much aware that in their building, maintenance is never optional. However for contractors, knowing the advantages of the maintenance, they can include in the contractual agreement with the cost estimates. Now that you learn these common roof maintenance myths, you should be able to consider and identify the problems on your own. To completely avoid these mistakes mentioned, you can contact your trusted roofing contractor to do your roof problems.

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